Recently I got a 32blit, and so I finally had an excuse to start learning C++. This game is probably my 5th or 6th project with the 32blit, and it's the most ambitious yet. My aim is to create a fully playable platformer, with many different levels and enemies, along with a few bosses, hidden areas etc. The 32blit is a handheld console which makes it really easy to create and play your own games on a physical device (with access to haptic feedback, all buttons, all buttons, audio channels and so on).

Super Square Bros is a platformer where you play as a square who needs to find his way back home (hopefully there will be a storyline to the game later). Work your way through levels using a combination of brains and brawn, fighting different enemies along the way (more levels and enemies will be added as this is developed).

It's made using the 32blit framework, using SDL2, so the only features provided are quite basic - sprite/surface rendering, asset importing and sensor input (to name a few main ones). This gives me the flexibility to create the game exactly how I'd like (but also means development can be quite slow sometimes). Because it's made in SDL, I can use Emscripten to make web builds, which has greatly increased the number of people able to play it.

This project is a good opportunity for me to learn C++, and also for me to practice my art skills, since game development often takes longer than asset production (for me at least), so I don't get to spend much time learning to make better pixel art. Currently there is only one biome tileset, but I hope to make more soon, to add some variety to levels. I'll probably release the tileset/spritesheets so that others can create levels as well (I use Tiled, which is a brilliant, free map/level editor).

Please try out the game and let me know what you think - feedback is always appreciated. Bear in mind this game is in active development, so feel free to suggest features you think would be useful/cool.


Super-Square-Bros-LIN64.zip 88 kB
Feb 10, 2021
Super-Square-Bros-MACOS.zip 78 kB
Feb 10, 2021
Super-Square-Bros-STM32.zip 45 kB
Feb 10, 2021
Super-Square-Bros-WEB.zip Play in browser
Feb 10, 2021
Super-Square-Bros-WIN64.zip 746 kB
Feb 10, 2021

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