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A basic tileset-based level design and editing tool.

Disclaimer: This tool was made to speed the production of my other games, and is not production ready. I wanted to share it in case it is useful to anyone else, but I cannot guarantee frequent updates or patches. This tool is probably a bit buggy.

Due to the amount of views this page is getting, I'm considering making another editor specifically designed to be released and used by other I'm looking at options for what to make this in, and it will probably either be Java (Swing) or C++/SDL (ImGUI).

If this tool was useful, please comment and let me know how you used it!

Note: You need to supply your own tileset image(s), although a default is provided. Save it in assets/tilesets/ as tileset0.png

Format: The resulting level map is found in levelmaps/ as map.json and is is split into 8x8 chunks. Each chunk is a 2D array, and each element represents a block and the tileset the block is from. The elements contain -1 if the block is empty (i.e. air), otherwise the value is an integer representing the index of the block from the tileset. Blocks are indexed starting at 0, counting from left to right, then top to bottom. Elements are in the form "t:x", where t is the tileset number (which is dictated by which of the tileset palettes you copied that tile from) and x is the tile number. The format may change slightly in future updates.


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Hey Bro!!

For the Images i see it's so Cool!. But... i Have Windows x86. Could Can You Export it for x86 Plz?


I'm not sure I can, however it uses Python and Pygame, so if I can find the source code, I'll upload that as well, which you should be able to run if you install Python.

I'm probably going to make a new editor soonish, which will have more features, better output file formatting and cleaner UI. It'll probably be made using C++ which means it'll be cross-platform, and I should be able to compile it for Windows x86 platforms.

Ok. Thanks


I've added the source code for two different branches. The Scorpion Skirmish version has more features, but is also more buggy.